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Grant Product Courses

Oil Burner Training

This course has been developed for heating technicians who are looking to further their knowledge on domestic oil burners, how they operate, use test equipment and test for faulty components.

Oil Product Training

Intended for oil installers who wish to know more about the Grant Vortex and Euroflame condensing oil-fired boiler range. This course covers all models from both ranges. Training includes boiler construction, principles of operation, installation, balanced and conventional flue systems, condensate disposal, burner operation, fault finding and commissioning/servicing procedures.

Heat Pump Training

Intended for domestic heating and renewable installers who wish to know more about the new Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump range. Training covers both the Grant Aerona³ heat pump, Grant Evolink and Grant VortexAir Hybrid. This course covers its construction, principles of operation, electrical wiring, controller settings, sizing, selection of the correct unit(s) to suit the property concerned, installation considerations, requirements and commissioning the complete system.

Wood Pellet Training

Intended for domestic heating and renewable installers who wish to install Grant wood pellet boilers (please note, it is a mandatory requirement that installers who want to install Grant’s biomass boilers must attend this course). Training covers the Grant Spira wood pellet boiler and includes wood pellet characteristics, pellet storage/supply, boiler specification/construction/operation, installation requirements, electrical wiring and controls, flue systems, burner settings and operation, commissioning, servicing and fault finding.

Combi Boiler Training

For oil installers and commissioning/servicing technicians, this course covers all aspects of Grant combination boilers. In addition to the Vortex condensing combination boilers, it also includes the Combi V3, Combi Max and MKII Combi models (internal and external). It covers principles of operation, servicing and fault finding.

Solar Thermal Training

Intended for either experienced solar thermal installers or heating installers new to solar thermal; who wish to know more about Grant Solar Thermal Systems. Training covers all aspects of the Grant Solar Thermal System including principles of operation, system design, collector construction and installation, pump station, controls and filling/commissioning procedures.

Advanced Burner Training

For oil commissioning/servicing technicians and oil installers who want to know more about the pressure jet burners fitted to Grant boilers. This course covers the Riello G5BF, RDB and RDB blue flame and low NOx burners, as well as the Ecoflam MAX1. It includes the principles of operation, operating sequences, component functions, fault finding, commissioning and servicing procedures, using both theory and practical ‘hands on’ sessions. It is an ideal preparation for technicians looking to advance their burner knowledge. To attend this course you must be a member of the Grant Installer Scheme (GIS).

Underfloor, Alu Rad & Solo Rad

Intended for domestic heating installers of boilers or ASHP’s, either with UFH experience or those wishing to know more about Grant underfloor heating systems. This training course covers the basic principles of underfloor heating and the system design considerations, as well as full details of the Grant systems, their installation, filling, pressure testing and commissioning. Also included are full details of the Grant UFH control system, the options, operation, installation and set-up. The Grant Solo convector radiators are a very compact heat source, and this section covers its installation requirements, set up and commissioning. Also covered on this course is the Grant Afina aluminium radiators, their sizing, install options and bracketing system.

Heating Controls

The controls of heating systems have advanced greatly in recent years and the demand for different levels of controls have grown also. Grant have supplied Weather Compensation controls and also Sequence Controls for many years, and are easy to install and setup. This course gives details and instruction on basic S-plan configurations to advanced wireless and mobile controls, with practical hands on training.

Power Flushing

Having a clean central heating system is very important to a ensure its efficiency. Powerflushing is a the ideal cleaning method due to the rapid but comprehensive flushing it delivers. Older systems can suffer from circulation issues due to build ups within the system pipework and components and different systems have different requirements, ie open vented/sealed systems, combis etc. Specific requirements are needed for these and those are covered to ensure optimum system performance.

CPD training for Architects, Engineers, Energy Assessors, etc

Continuous Personal Development (CPD) is training we provide here and off site for architects, engineers, energy assessors and similar minded professionals. These certified courses are available in many technologies, give insight and knowledge on current and new products and areas for which are relevant to attendees. For off site training contact for booking details.

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