Grant Pre Plumbed Cylinders

Grant Pre Plumbed Cylinders

Our new 200 litre pre-plumbed cylinder still features the same quality and efficiencies of the existing Grant cylinder range but are now pre-plumbed and pre-wired with the Grant wiring centre for speed and ease of installation. 

Features & benefits

It comes configured for 2 heating zones and a domestic hot water zone, with an option to add an extra heating zone.  It also includes a factory fitted automatic bypass.  The Grant wiring now comes pre fitted onto the cylinder.  The wiring centre is a pre-configured electronic wiring centre that allows the installer to connect controls (stats, clocks etc), pumps, motorised valves etc together in a coherent and simple to understand manner.  The wiring centre does all the complicated cross wiring during installation.  

In keeping with our tradition of continuous development, we will be introducing our new integrated A-Wave cylinder, which will be available from Winter 2019.  It has all the benefits of the pre-plumbed cylinder and can blend in seamlessly with all household white goods, due to its high-quality powder casing.  This allows it to be installed in a utility room or kitchen.  It will be available as a 180L or 210L.

  • Pre plumbed for speed of installation
  • Pre wired
  • 1" G.B connections
Multiple Package Solution Design Service

Multiple Package Solution Design Service

Take advantage of our teams specialist knowledge and have your property's full heating requirements designed, quoted and supplied by Grant. Click here for further information. 


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