Grant Solo Fan Convector Range

Grant Solo Fan Convector Range

The Grant Solo fan convector range comprises of 5 different units, The Grant Solo, The Grant Solo Plus, Grant Hideaway, Grant Air Curtain and Grant Air Curtain Plus.  Each system is highly efficient and compliments low temperature heating systems such as the Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump and also high temperature heating systems such as Grant condensing oil boilers. 

Features & benefits

The Grant Solo fan convectors combine discreet design with high outputs and efficient operation.  The units provide faster rates of convection than conventional radiators.  The units provide the homeowner with accurate temperature control.  The units do not convect heat through their surface, so this makes them safe to touch at all temperatures. 

The units do not require thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) or wall mounted room stats as each unit can regulate its own heat output.  This eliminates unnecessary heat emission. 

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The Grant Solo range are very sleek in design with the goal of maximising heat output while minimising required wall space.  The Grant Hideaway is a plinth version which is designed to be installed underneath work-space units and require no wall space.  

  • Flexible zone control
  • Maintains a low surface temperature regardless of water flow temperature
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • Low energy consumption
  • No TRVs required
  • Sleek in design to minimise required wall space
  • 2 wall mounted options, 1 kick space / hideaway option
  • 2 years warranty


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