Underfloor Heating

Grant’s Uflex underfloor heating system offers an efficient heating solution for a range of properties. Uflex underfloor heating is a versatile heat emitter as it works effectively with high and low temperature systems and is perfect for those who prefer a modern and minimalistic home decor look.

In addition to home heating benefits, underfloor heating also has health benefits. Installing an underfloor heating system results in increased hygiene levels due to reduced air circulation transferring dust particles throughout the home.

For easy installation and an efficient system, we supply the pipework, underfloor heating manifold and heating controls needed to control the underfloor heating system. We can deliver an effective underfloor heating system for both new builds and retrofits and are Ireland’s top underfloor heating supplier.

You can find out more about our Grant Uflex underfloor heating system below.



  • Easy to install.
  • Constant room temperature.
  • Uniform heat distribution across the room area.
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  • Slim and stylish in design
  • App enabled control when paired with neoHub
  • Full time temperature control and Keylock feature to prevent temperature tampering
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Multiple Package Solution Design Service

Grants Renewables Team will help to bring your heating system to a new class of efficiency.

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