Spira boiler & Sahara Solar Panels for small energy bills

Grant Spira Wood Pellet BoilerWhen John & Avril McGuinness decided to design and build a house they wanted a very efficient warm comfortable and spacious home. At 4000 sq ft they wanted to build a house that wouldn’t cost a fortune to heat. They hoped that when they retire they would have small energy bills. Installed in the house was a 1000 litre buffer tank with 17.12m2 of Grant Sahara Solar Panels and a Grant 36kw Condensing Wood pellet Boiler. The house is divided up into 4 zones which are all digitally controlled. The house has low heat radiators distributing the heat.

The walls have euro bead pumped into the cavity and 54mm dry lined. The roof is sprayed with Icynene foam 150mm deep between rafters and gable end. Outside in the garden there are two 4000 litre water  harvesting tanks and a bio degradable treatment plant and percolation area.

Project: John Mc Guinness, Horseleap, Moate, Co Westmeath
Installer (Solar): Nigel Mahon, Heating & Plumbing
Installer (Wood pellet): Billy Fitzgerald, Teermore Plumbing
Date Installed: November 2011
House Design: JDC Designs