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Some helpful articles on heating products, energy sector news and getting the most from your boiler.

Heating a house in Ireland

How alternative heating methods stack up

There is now a far greater choice of heating options available to off-gas homeowners and cost saving is an important factor.

Upgrading your boiler

5 benefits of upgrading to a Grant Vortex Boiler

Lower annual fuel bills. New condensing appliances can operate at almost half the cost of a typical 25-30 year old boiler, providing instant fuel savings.

Owning a Biomass Bioler

Guide to owning a Biomass Boiler

Watch the Grant Guide to Owning a Biomass Boiler.

What are Condensing Oil Boilers?

Conventional oil boilers and condensing boilers worked by a boiler being wrapped in a container of water, this water was then heated and the resultant steam provided heat…

GRANT Spira - high efficiency wood pellet boilers

Reduce your fuel bill with Wood Pellet Boilers

With home heating costs soaring ever higher, householders across Ireland are being urged to ensure that their central heating systems are working efficiently…

Wppd {ellets

What makes a good quality Woodpellet?

The type of fuel that is used in all boilers whether oil, gas, wood pellet or solid fuel is very important. The better quality the fuel is the higher the calorific value…

Solar Panels on roof

What is Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal is a clean and highly efficient means of using renewable energy from the sun to provide the hot water used in the home…

Solar Panels in Ireland

Solar Panels in Ireland

Many people believe that Solar Panels in Ireland only work during the summer, however this type of free energy is available throughout the year…

Grant Solar Solutions

How many Solar Panels do I need?

To calculate how many Grant Solar Collectors you would need in Ireland see the table below…

OFTEC Boiler Passport Cover

Boiler Passports

Since September 2009 a boiler passport has been supplied with every new oil boiler. The Boiler Passport was prepared in consultation with OFTEC and is…

Greener alternative to oil

The Oil Fired Technical Association (OFTEC) have successfully trialled a new blended heating oil which combine a bio-fuel with kerosene…