Waterford County Council - Wood Pellet Boilers

Spira | cheaper alternative to oil for affordable homes

Waterford County Council has installed two Grant Spira Award Winning Wood Pellet Boilers with an output up to 26kw. Both boilers have been installed in low income homes on Main St, Cappoquin, Co Waterford. Waterford County Council provide a range of housing services, mainly to people on a lower income who would not be able to obtain a house solely from their own resources.

With a Grant Condensing wood pellet boiler the wood pellet fuel can provide a cheaper alternative to oil or gas and because there is a small hopper that will take 110kg of pellets approx 11 bags the house holder can buy bags of wood pellets when they can afford to rather than having to buy 250 or 300 litres of oil or gas which they might not be able to afford. A bag of wood pellets can cost from €2.99 to €3.70 for a 10kg bag.

Another advantage of fitting the Grant Wood Pellet Boiler is that it is a self cleaning boiler that only requires the ash box to be emptied after 3 tonne of pellets burned which on the typical council houses would be approx once every year, so this could be done by your installer when servicing the boiler every year.

Project: Two Council Houses, Main Street, Cappoquin

Installer: Owen Reddy, Waterford

Date Installed: September 2009

Applicances: 2 x 26kW Grant Spria Condensing Wood Pellet Boilers