Vortex Boiler House boilers, Dunmore House Hotel

Dunmore House Hotel, Clonakilty, is a third generation family run hotel overlooking the Atlantic, close to the town of Clonakilty in the heart of West Cork. The hotel is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and its own special blend of good food and service. With 30 bedrooms it is ideal for guests who wish to entertain family, friends or simply relax and enjoy the view.

Proprietor Carol Barrett decided to upgrade her boiler in early 2010 with the help of her plumber Ray Barrett. The existing non-condensing boiler was replaced by two Grant Vortex Boiler House Oil Boilers 200/240 Btu, increasing the efficiency by over 25%. The boilers were commissioned by Gerry Hall and have an efficiency of 93.8%.

The advantage of having two boilers rather than one larger boiler helps with cheaper running costs, if the heating demand requires only one boiler to fire only one boiler will fire hence using less oil, making these the best choice boilers for hotels.

Project: Dunmore House Hotel, Clonakilty, Cork
Installer: Ray Barrett Plumbing & Heating Services, Reenroe, Clonakilty, Cork
Service Engineer: Gerry Hall, Macroom, Cork
Date Installed: July 2010
Applicances: 2 x Grant Vortex Boiler House oil boiler 200/240

Spira boiler & Sahara Solar Panels for small energy bills

Grant Spira Wood Pellet BoilerWhen John & Avril McGuinness decided to design and build a house they wanted a very efficient warm comfortable and spacious home. At 4000 sq ft they wanted to build a house that wouldn’t cost a fortune to heat. They hoped that when they retire they would have small energy bills. Installed in the house was a 1000 litre buffer tank with 17.12m2 of Grant Sahara Solar Panels and a Grant 36kw Condensing Wood pellet Boiler. The house is divided up into 4 zones which are all digitally controlled. The house has low heat radiators distributing the heat.

The walls have euro bead pumped into the cavity and 54mm dry lined. The roof is sprayed with Icynene foam 150mm deep between rafters and gable end. Outside in the garden there are two 4000 litre water  harvesting tanks and a bio degradable treatment plant and percolation area.

Project: John Mc Guinness, Horseleap, Moate, Co Westmeath
Installer (Solar): Nigel Mahon, Heating & Plumbing
Installer (Wood pellet): Billy Fitzgerald, Teermore Plumbing
Date Installed: November 2011
House Design: JDC Designs

GRANT Vortex Boilerhouse | The leading boiler for schools

Grant Vortex 46/58kw Boilerhouse

Crowenstown National School was one of the oldest primary schools in the country founded in 1841. The original building was demolished in 1938, replaced with the current school which has 3 classrooms, a staff room and a large play area.

Under the Summer School Scheme Upgrade by the Dept of Education, schools can apply for 100% grant aid to carry out energy efficient works over the quiet summer months. These measures will make buildings more comfortable, cut energy costs and contribute to the Governments National Target of reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions. The scheme is significant when you consider that about 73% of a schools energy consumption is on heating and hot water with the remainder on lighting and other small power appliances.

A Grant Vortex 46/58 kW Boiler House Oil Boiler is the perfect boiler for schools and replaced an old cast iron boiler along with a 6 mtr Stainless Steel Flexi Flue with smooth bore internally in the flue which ran up through the existing chimney. Grant also supplied a sealed system kit as the heating system was re-designed, repiped and pressurised. Each classroom was zoned separately with a motorised valve on each zone and 3 room thermostats. A new 2500 ltr plastic bunded oil tank was also fitted.

Location: Delvin, Co Westmeath
Consultant Engineer: Clarke & Associates, Academy St, Kildare, Co Kildare
Installer: Aidan Walsh, Brosna, Birr, Co Offaly
Date Installed: August 2011
Heating Appliance: Grant Vortex 46/58kw Boiler house Oil Boiler

Solar panels reduce the cost of Golf Club heating system

Portumna Golf Club is situated on the banks of Lough Derg, surrounded by Portumna Forest Park and on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Portumna, it is an 18 hole course, ranked No. 62 in the Top 100 courses in Ireland and ranked 2nd best Parkland Course in Connaught.

Since the installation of Grant Solar Thermal panels in Portumna Golf Club the club has been reaping the many benefits of the installation, the club now has hot water throughout the year when it needs it most and has seen a huge reduction in their energy bill, the golf club’s ‘green credentials’ have been improved immeasurably in the local community and in the golfing world.

Previously all the hot water used was either heated by two gas boilers or immersions. Solar thermal works brilliantly with golf clubs as ideal golf weather is idea solar panel weather. The entire installation was completed in two days to ensure minimum disruption for the members and visitors of the club. Quoting the Club Captain Mr. Christy O’Rourke

‘It fills us with pride when we can tell our guests that the hot water they are using in the clubhouse bathrooms was generated using the power of the sun’.

The system has been operating since June 2009 so far the club has seen a very significant reduction in their electricity and gas bills.

Visitors to the club including members and visiting societies would be in the region of 8,000 people per annum, hence the substantial savings that having solar powered hot water is to the club’s finances.

Project: Portumna Golf Club
Installer: Pat Scully Heating & Plumbing, Birr, Co. Offaly
Date Installed: June 2009
Applicances: 4 x Grant Solar Thermal Panels & a 400 Ltr Stainless Steel Cylinder

Spira | cheaper alternative to oil for affordable homes

Waterford County Council has installed two Grant Spira Award Winning Wood Pellet Boilers with an output up to 26kw. Both boilers have been installed in low income homes on Main St, Cappoquin, Co Waterford. Waterford County Council provide a range of housing services, mainly to people on a lower income who would not be able to obtain a house solely from their own resources.

With a Grant Condensing wood pellet boiler the wood pellet fuel can provide a cheaper alternative to oil or gas and because there is a small hopper that will take 110kg of pellets approx 11 bags the house holder can buy bags of wood pellets when they can afford to rather than having to buy 250 or 300 litres of oil or gas which they might not be able to afford. A bag of wood pellets can cost from €2.99 to €3.70 for a 10kg bag.

Another advantage of fitting the Grant Wood Pellet Boiler is that it is a self cleaning boiler that only requires the ash box to be emptied after 3 tonne of pellets burned which on the typical council houses would be approx once every year, so this could be done by your installer when servicing the boiler every year.

Project: Two Council Houses, Main Street, Cappoquin

Installer: Owen Reddy, Waterford

Date Installed: September 2009

Applicances: 2 x 26kW Grant Spria Condensing Wood Pellet Boilers

Swimming pool boiler | New build, Co Tyrone

Installed at a new build property in Dromore, County Tyrone, this very unique swimming pool boiler has been cleverly disguised to blend in with its surroundings.

With the addition of a special type of heat exchanger, a Grant Vortex 90/120btu outdoor boiler is used to heat water for the home’s outdoor swimming pool. The boiler runs alongside a Vortex 200/240btu internal utility model that is utilised in the main residence for domestic heating and hot water.

Whilst it appears as though the boiler has been cladded with a similar material to the stone wall, it is actually a thin vinyl type veneer.